• Hamtramck Sees provides eyeglasses and exams for up to 150 Hamtramck Public School students per year. Students will be identified through health department data and referred by HPS staff. It is the intention of Hamtramck SEES to provide students with the tools they need to achieve academic excellence. If you have any questions regarding the Hamtramck Sees program, please contact us.

    Speak Arabic? 
    Sarah Thabet, Program Coordinator

    Hamtramck Sees is supported by a grant through The Jewish Fund.

    We would like to thank our benefactors, without whose support, we would not be able to provide free healthcare services to this underserved community.

    Our heartfelt appreciation to our Benefactors:
    The Jewish Fund (A Legacy of Sinai Hospital) Logo

Contact Us

  • Sarah Peslar, Program Director
    Email: speslar@hamtramckschools.org
    Phone: 313.591.7411