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Leave of Absence

October 11, 2021
Dear Hamtramck Community:

Throughout the pandemic, I have continually reinforced that the well-being of our school community is the district’s primary concern. We have seen the impact of the pandemic, not only on the physical well-being of our students, families, teachers, and staff, but also on the social and
emotional health of our community. It is against that backdrop that I am writing to inform you that I will be taking a temporary leave of absence to address my own personal well-being.

The decision, to temporarily step aside, was not entered into lightly. Nor is it easy to be openly vulnerable with you. I must prioritize and address my own physical, mental health and wellbeing.

During my absence, the Board of Education will appoint an interim superintendent who will have the full support of the entire team at Hamtramck Public Schools.

Having our students return to learning in our schools these past two months has been wonderful both for our students and our faculty and staff members. The energy and passion they bring every day continues to make a world of difference and will play a huge role in helping accelerate
their learning as we continue to address the effects of COVID learning loss. While I know the news of my leave may come as a surprise, I also know that you will continue to serve as an invaluable partner in your child’s education. Your commitment to their success has been a driving force for me and the HPS faculty and staff throughout the challenges we have seen these past 18 months.

The district will continue to address and support emotional well-being and mental health for those in our entire school community as that has been an element of critical focus. That focus is also the primary reason I was able to identify that I needed additional support at this time. It is my hope that I will return and come back revitalized, with a refreshed perspective to continue to lead our efforts and be the driving force behind the advancement and vision we have for the students and families of Hamtramck Public Schools.

Thank you for your understanding and compassion. It is my honor and privilege to serve.


Jaleelah Hassan Ahmed
Superintendent of Schools