2023 Capital Improvement Sinking Fund Millage Renewal

Sinking Fund Renewal 2023

Hamtramck's Capital Improvement Sinking Fund Millage Renewal

Vote on November 7th

On Tuesday, November 7th, the City of Hamtramck will cast their votes for the "Capital Improvement Sinking Fund Millage Renewal." This essential initiative will generate the much-needed revenue to improve and preserve our cherished public school buildings.

Our current Sinking Fund expires with the 2023 tax levy. This renewal will enable the District to continue improving our facilities without impacting the current funding for our students’ education.

This renewal comes with good news for our taxpayers. There will be NO INCREASE in taxes with this millage. Instead, taxes will be REDUCED from 4 mills to 3 mills.

The Sinking Fund can be used for the construction, alteration, or repair of school buildings, for school security improvements, for the purchase of real estate, and for technology improvements. However, it cannot be used for staff or administration salaries, wages or benefits, general operating expenses, classroom supplies, books, or routine maintenance.

Since the passage of the 2014 Sinking Fund millage, the district has completed significant projects including:
● Roofing Replacements / Refurbishments / Exterior Improvements at several locations
● Parking Lot Improvements at Tau Beta, Holbrook Elementary, and the Administration Building
● Playground Improvements at Tau Beta and Holbrook Elementary
● District-Wide Safety / Security Improvements
● Interior Building Improvements in multiple schools
● Kitchen / Food Service Improvements in several schools
● Mechanical Improvements in multiple schools
● Hamtramck Community Center received retaining wall and entry improvements
● Hamtramck High School underwent pool filtration equipment replacement and electrical upgrades

The renewal of this Sinking Fund will enable Hamtramck students to learn and grow in a safe, secure, and healthy environment. It will protect the community's investment in the school district's buildings and facilities. By reducing pressure on the general fund, more of our limited education operating funds can be available to support student learning.

Better buildings will mean better education and a stronger community. The improvements made to our schools make Hamtramck a more desirable community to live in, boosting all property values. The projects supported by the Sinking Fund will also provide local contractors with an opportunity to bid on millions of dollars in new work, stimulating local economic growth.