Literacy Vision


Hamtramck Public Schools is committed to instilling a love for reading and learning in all our students as they become effective communicators in a global society. Through high quality instruction and culturally responsive practices, our student-centered approach individually supports students as they go through the phases of reading and writing across multiple disciplines.

Supported by a Multi-Tiered System, our workshop-based model allows for differentiation, scaffolding, and timely, targeted, and explicit instruction. Our print rich learning community offers access to both digital and traditional texts across all subject areas, and is full of linguistic diversity, multimodal resources, and historically and culturally relevant text. We believe that a balanced literacy approach is vital in cultivating 21st century literacy skills and intrinsic motivation, and that all students should have multiple models and opportunities that will allow them to pursue their passions and lead lives of purpose and influence.


Reading and Writing Workshop Model 

In Hamtramck Public Schools we foster a love of reading and writing through the use of the Reading and Writing Workshop Model. The Reading and Writing Workshop Model is a structured time for literacy instruction and learning. It is an uninterrupted time for students to read, think, write and converse about authentic literature on a daily basis. Students work through units of study in which they read, research, write, reflect, and share their thoughts and writing in a variety of genres and content areas. Reading and Writing Workshops allow our teachers to instruct and engage students in literacy through a student-led and differentiated instructional approach. This approach allows us to accommodate the various learning styles and needs of our students, as well as support and challenge students to ensure individualized growth and literacy skill competencies. These workshops are driven by standards, focused on strategies, foster multi-modality, and are guided by student data.

Literacy Tenets