Read by Grade 3

n 2016, Michigan’s state legislature passed the Read by Grade Three law. Based on the law, students must score a 1253 or higher in reading on the state M-STEP assessment to be promoted to fourth grade. If you receive a letter from the state noting retention based upon M-STEP scores, you have the right as their legal guardian to request an exemption. As your child’s educational entity, we will support you with filing for retention exemption within the required 30 days after the state has issued retention letters.  We are partners in education and are here to support your family. Hamtramck Public Schools does not support the retention of students, as outlined in the 3rd-grade reading law, and believes that early intervention and diagnosis of reading deficiencies is paramount to a child’s success. For more information about the Read by Grade Three law and your rights, please see the information below.